Goodbye 2019 - Hello 2020!

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Wow, can you believe 2020 is just days from now?? I remember as a child of the early 80's thinking to myself, man that is SO far away, and trying to calculate how old I would be in 2020. And now it's here! And I'm "that old", lol...

New things are coming for Sarah Angst Art in 2020... one, a new office! My assistant Christine may have talked me into a space after showing me many... many... pictures of her overflowing 9"x10" home office. It's time. And it's going to be a great place for fans to stop by and see my work in person. Look for open hours on the website late January 2020.

Two, new greeting card images. Remember those giclees I released last year? You'll be able to find many of those lighthouse, landscape, and other fun images in print on my website, or maybe even in a store near you, very soon!

The rest... well, I'm still working out the details, but I'm looking forward to new projects, new people, new stores & galleries, and a new decade. 

Happy Holidays 2019 & Happy New Year - 2020!!

Sarah Angst Art

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