Meet Simon! An ambassador for the Holter Healing Arts Program.

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Simon - Menagerie of the Imaginary in Bozeman, Montana


Simon is an imaginary creature I created for the "Menagerie of the Imaginary" January 16-29, 2021 in Bozeman, Montana. This event offers people a safe and whimsical adventure to partake in during this challenging and isolating time.

Simon was inspired by and created to bring awareness to the Holter Healing Arts Program in Helena, Montana which provides free art packs to patients and staff who are confined to the hospital. I have created several of the black and white designs that are included in these packs as items to color.

Art and coloring can reduce stress and provide a positive distraction when so many are isolated, confined, and looking for positive creative things to do. Click here to learn more about the program or to donate directly.

 Sarah Angst Art and Simon in Bozeman, Montana

The "Menagerie of the Imaginary" by the Random Acts of Silliness Theater is an outdoor art exhibit comprised of 15 life-size imaginary friend creatures intended to create a magical outdoor experience for families during this challenging and isolating time.

Simon will by sitting on a park bench at the Story Mill Park in Bozeman, MT for the next two weeks. He was inspired by and created for bringing awareness to the Holter Healing Arts program. The Holter Healing Arts Program has been offering many of my designs as black and white coloring cards, bookmarks, and coloring pages in art packs given to patients and staff to color over the past year. These coloring projects are provided as a soothing and constructive outlet for those confined to the hospital.

Art has been proven to be a refuge from intense emotions, and studies show that creativity can improve mood, decrease the perception of pain, reduce stress, and boost ones sense of control. The concept of art as a healing tool is more important than ever right now as many of us are in need of a positive distraction theses days, especially patients who are lonely and bored without visitors in the hospital. 

The Holter Healing Arts Program is an arm of Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana and together, we are spreading the word about this program with the hope of expanding it to health care institutions nationwide.

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Art can help us all through hard times. Whether it’s a whimsical outdoor sculpture display that offers a fun and safe adventure for families, or simple art packs given to patients confined to the hospital to help reduce stress and pain, art can help heal.

To learn more or to donate directly to the Holter Healing Arts Program visit:

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Find more projects like the "Menagerie of the Imaginary" via the Random Acts of Silliness Theater in Bozeman, Montana.

Simon - Holter Healing Arts Program

Who is Simon?

Simon is a kind, quiet friend whose greatest wish is to help others express their own creativity. 

He can often be found snuggled up with a good book (Harold and the Purple Crayon is his favorite), or at the Bozeman Public Library in search of a new beloved story.

He loves to color (while eating Marshmallow Fluff by the spoonful), and also helping friends come up with fanciful doodles. Simon is also a wonderful listener and will always offer a fresh idea to anyone in need of a creative spark.

**Imagined & brought to life by Bozeman Artist Sarah Angst.

Simon is an Ambassador for the Holter Healing Arts Program, whose mission is to transform lives and community by integrating the healing benefits of art.

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