Our Sweet Partnership with Sauce Active in Bozeman, Montana

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Sauce was founded by a former Canadian national team cross country skier as a way to support her ski racing. Sauce founder, Shayla Swanson, was frustrated with traditional winter headwear that she found to be too hot, too itchy & too ugly. An avid sewer, Shayla set out to create functional, stylish and comfortable products that met the needs of elite athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
Sauce started as a hobby for Shayla while she was ski racing, but quickly turned into an incredible apparel company that has sold in hundreds of retail locations across North America and worn by countless teams & clubs in sports of all kinds. With a passion for creating beautiful, high quality, and thoughtful products that help people maintain healthy lifestyles, Sauce is also committed to keeping things local and domestic. Both Sauce and Sarah Angst Art are incredibly proud that their products are all printed and created right here in the U.S.A.
Sauce + Sarah Angst Art = Stylish Winter Hats and Headbands
Shayla and Sarah met over 7 years ago in a business incubator group where they were both hoping to learn new ways to grow their perspective companies. Both Canadians who migrated to Bozeman, Montana, bonded and hoped their business paths might cross again down the road.
A year ago Shayla reached out to Sarah about reproducing some of her images on hats and headbands - and a new partnership was born! Four of Sarah’s designs were made into comfortable, high performance, and beautiful wearable works of art. The designs sold like hot cakes in 2020, especially the prints representing local mountain ranges. Shayla and Sarah are hoping to add more imagery to their partnership line in the coming months so stay tuned to www.sauceactive.com and www.sarahangstart.com for what’s new.
It has been such a treat to see our partnership products worn by kids on the way to school, on people out for a run or ski, or for sale at a local outdoor shop. 
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Sauce + Sarah Angst Art = Stylish Winter Hats and Headbands

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