Up-cycle your old greeting cards & paper shopping bags! Here's how.

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DYI Gift Bags!
Are you a card hoarder? Well, here is a way to up-cycle those gorgeous holiday, birthday, and everyday cards that you just don't want to throw away. 
I don't know about you, but I also save the nice handle paper bags that some stores put my purchases in. They are just so much sturdier & nicer than a plain old paper bag.
But I don't want to give someone a gift in a bag with a store name on it. So... why not cover the name with a card!
You can create your bag any way you want. The bag pictured was honestly made from glue and purple construction paper that I raided from my daughter's craft table. 
Cut the card as close and straight as you can to the fold. A paper cutter will make the straightest line if you are particular like that. If you don't have any other art supplies, it can be as easy as just centering the card image over the store label, then gluing or even taping the card to the bag.
Want to get more crafty? Use construction paper like I did, or fun scrap booking paper to make a border. Break out the glitter glue, ribbons, stickers - whatever embellishments you may have on hand - and make your bag as fabulous as you'd like!
Save some money... and save the planet from one more bag... all because you up-cycled.

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