Simple Pleasures

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My Dad is a deeply creative person. He is always looking for ways to add meaning to experiences. He’s constantly creating games and worksheets to bring people together, so they can learn more about each other, or so they can work together to have a memorable and bonding experience.

One of my more recent favorites is his 7 Interview Topics. Seven questions to get to know yourself and/or someone else better.

You start by listing:

7 of Your Simple Pleasure
6 Places You Hold Sacred
5 Core Beliefs
4 Crossroads Led You to Where You Are
3 Pieces of Advice
2 Accomplishments You Are Proud Of
1 Descriptor - How You Want To Be Thought Of

Today I'll do 7 Simple Pleasures…

1. Getting caught by surprise by the beauty of nature. When we lived in Duluth, MN coming over the hill and seeing Lake Superior stretched out as far as you could see always took my breath away. And now living in the mountains the views can stop you in your tracks. Even leaving Target and seeing the Bridger Mountains towering just a few miles away can leave you speechless.


2. Finding & picking wild berries.


3. Spring - when everything turns green for a short while in MT and there’s still snow in the mountains.

Snow Capped Mountains & Green Fields

4. A clean house where everything has a place. (This has been my constant and perpetual dream since childhood. Someday!)

Table of Books

5. Hiking.

Hiking in the Autumn Woods

6. Favorite treat - Cold Milk & Hot Cocoa Mix-where the powder doesn’t dissolve, but stays crunchy and gritty on the surface. Very odd, yet quite delicious! I “invented” this when I was 12 babysitting and snooping for snacks after the kids were in bed. I don’t indulge often, but it is still my favorite treat.

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa

7. Doing something simple and special for/with Tim and/or the kids.

Tim Ford, Sarah Angst, and Family

What are some of your simple pleasures?

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