Coloring Packs for Holter Healing Arts

Love my art? Here's something new! 

These Coloring Packs are filled with black & white, heavy card stock copies of Sarah Angst Art original images, transformed into bookmarks, coloring pages, and greeting cards, ready for you to design with the colors of your choice. Perfect for gifts, or just for fun!

Art and coloring offer a soothing and constructive outlet to reduce stress and provide a positive distraction to individuals who are isolated, confined, and/or just looking for positive, creative things to do. The coloring packs below are great gifts to give friends, family - or yourself! - for a fun, creative escape.

Holter Healing Arts Coloring Packs by Sarah Angst Art were developed in conjunction with the Holter Museum of Art - Healing Arts Program in Helena, Montana. The Holter Healing Arts Program is a nonprofit organization that provides free art packs to patients and staff who are confined at hospitals to help them relax and unwind. 

20% of the proceeds from all Coloring Pack & Coloring Card purchases through Sarah Angst Art will be donated directly to the Holter Healing Arts Program. Click here to learn more about the program or to donate directly yourself.