Circle Trees Original - Color Proof (CP)

  • $99.00

Get your hands on a piece of Sarah Angst Original Art

To create this one-of-a-kind Circle Trees 3" x 4" Color Proof, I hand carved the image into linoleum and hand printed it by rolling carved blocks with ink. I then placed a piece of white strong paper on top of the block and rubbed carefully with a wooden spoon to transfer the black outlines. Each image is brought to life by hand painting the original piece with high quality watercolor inks.

Color Proofs: One-of-a-kind originals, painted in various color options before deciding on the final edition. No other original image will be like this one again!

**Originals are offered unframed, unless framing is specified during purchase. If you would like your original framed, all of these pieces will be matted to 8"x10" in a dark turquoise mat, and framed in an 8"x10" alder wood frame that can be hung or displayed on a flat surface.

Please visit and purchase this option if you would like your original framed.