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Valentine Collection - 6 Pack

  • $16.95

The Valentine Collection is sold as a variety pack of six 5"x7" Blank Greeting Cards, all reproductions of original prints. 

Images Included in this Collection:
Love Birds
Together Forever
Field of Tulips
Buttons of Love

Cards come with six envelopes and are packaged with tissue.

*NOTE - If you are interested in ordering multiples of this product, and the quantity needed is not available, please send a message! Bulk printing is scheduled on Fridays & shipped the following business day - we'd love to get your order on the list. :-) Thanks!

All of my original prints begin with a drawing, which I then transfer onto a linoleum block in reverse. I carefully carve away all the negative space using knives and gouges, leaving only the raised image. I then make an impression of the carving by rolling a thin layer of black ink over the block. Carefully, I position a sheet of strong printing paper on top of it, and use the back of a wooden spoon, rubbing with hard, even pressure to transfer the ink onto the paper. 

When the ink has dried, I bring the image to life by hand painting each impression with high quality watercolor inks. My original pieces use a combination of printmaking & watercolor painting techniques; created by hand from beginning to end.

Enjoy! Sarah Angst

*Created and Reproduced in Bozeman, Montana, USA - Made in America