Chill Toque Hat - FLEECE LINED - 4 Styles Available

  • $35.00

Sarah Angst Art is excited to partner with local apparel designer SAUCE to bring you wearable art! Check out our Chill Toque Hat styles, and show off your unique style this winter.

PLEASE NOTE: Hat + Strap orders will ship separately from any other items purchased in a Sarah Angst Art Order as they are coming directly from the producer.

**NOTE: Only Sauce Specific Coupon Codes will apply to Sauce Headwear unless otherwise noted in advertising.

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From SAUCE: "Ideal for chilly weather, or chilling out, the Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece-lined CHILL TOQUE (toque, rhymes with duke) is one of the warmer pieces in our Headwear collection. The Sauce-original swirl closure at the top of the hat provides an escape for excess heat or a hole for a high-ponytail, and makes the hat look great on!  It also makes for evenly distributed bulk at the top of the hat for a comfortable fit under helmets.  No bulky gathers or pointy seams means no pressure points. 

This product is also highly recommended by anyone dealing with hair loss for the same reason as mentioned above.  The inside is soft and comfortable all throughout."

**Available in two sizes: S/M (designed to fit 6 to 7), and M/L (designed to fit 7- 7 3/4)** 

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