Handfuls of Little Memories...

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Little Memories.

When you think of greeting cards, your mind probably goes to the traditional reasons for buying one - holidays, birthdays... but have you ever considered buying a greeting card as memorable souvenir?

We have so many customers who tell us they love to buy Sarah Angst Cards - not to give - but to keep as little pieces of art! They are bright, bold, and invoke feelings of nostalgia. AND they are affordable. You can give them, keep them... even frame them! 

Our Customers say it best:

"Dear Sarah, 

I just bought a handful of your cards at the bookstore in Glen Arbor, Michigan. I just wanted to tell you that they are the most beautiful cards I've ever seen! I'm so happy I came across them. I absolutely love the designs and the colors, and I'll definitely be back to buy more before I leave town. 

That's all; please keep it up! Your work is truly lovely. 

Thanks for what you do!


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