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I’ve always had a hard time with social media.  Because I’m dyslexic, I can be self-conscious about writing and posting instantly because I know there will be errors.  As we all know social media can also be a black-hole-time-suck, so it’s also hard to be consistent with it when there are so many other things that take priority. On the other hand, it’s an incredible tool and a fascinating way to connect and engage with people all over the world. It’s an amazing place to show my artwork and find people who are interested in it.
As my assistant Christine and I brainstormed about how I could be more involved with our social media plan, I realized that it needs to be compelling and interesting for you and it needs to feel more authentic for me…it made me think of my wedding story.
I’ve never been a huge fan of weddings, but I loved the idea of a huge dance party with all my friends and loved ones, where I could play every one of my favorite songs IN A ROW. Tim (my now husband) and I started looking at venues near Duluth, MN where we lived at the time, but I was not into it. Every place felt hollow, contrived; just not me. It wasn’t until Tim suggested we get married on my parents land in the tiny (and I mean tiny) town of Kelwood, Manitoba, Canada, that I was ignited.
Kelwood was my favorite place on earth, where I’d spent many weekends and most summers growing up. From then on every plan and decision I made for our wedding was fueled by meaning and purpose. I was excited about it, it made sense, and it turned out to be the best weekend of my life, complete with a rainbow and a full moon.
Once I started thinking about social media like this; sharing the things that fuel and ignite me and that could also be compelling and valuable to others, I was motivated. I have been reluctant to share a lot via social media, because I’m probably not as “arty” as I think my followers might want me to be. I’m just a normal, quirky person, who likes to create things and figure out how to sell them. I have been trying to do this ever since I was a little kid. Creating and selling, so the business aspect is a big part of who I am and what I do. To make social media work I believe you do need to be authentic, and in order for me to do that I need to share things other than just my pretty pictures.
My brand and my life are about:
Art – Beauty, Inspiration, Color, Composition
Cards/Connection – Staying in touch, Reaching out and letting people know how much they mean to you and how much you care.
Being a Mom/Productivity/Home Life - How to do it all? Things I’ve learned that I wished I’d have figured out sooner and seeking help for things I’m still trying to figure out.
Entrepreneurship – Business, marketing, growth.
Little Joys – Life’s simple pleasures.
How would you feel if I shared things in relations to these 5 topics in addition to my artwork? And within those themes, are there areas you’d like me to focus on or tell you more about? Let me know!!!
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