Sympathy Tips - Keep it simple, share a memory, and speak from the heart.

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There was an article in the New York Times last week saying that there is currently a shortage of sympathy cards in the USA.

For obvious reasons I have always been a proponent of blank cards. I love that people can use any Sarah Angst Art Greeting Card for any occasion and that customers can make them personal by writing a special note, instead having to choose a pre-fab, cheesy saying.

But sympathy cards can be tricky. It’s really hard to know what to say when someone has lost a loved one, so here are a few jumping off points to help you use blank cards for sympathy. I hope these tips helps you feel more confident connecting with people on a more personal level during their time of need.

* Share a cherished memory. Nothing is more comforting than being reminded of the good times with someone who has passed.

* My heart goes out to you during this difficult time...

* I am so sorry for your loss...

* I hope you find peace and comfort in all the love that surrounds you...

* May the memories of ________ bring you peace, comfort, and strength.

* Please know I am thinking of you and am here for you now and forever...

Incorporating some of these ideas into a personal note is an ideal way to let people know you are thinking of them during these difficult times. Connection is what we all need more than ever right now, so take the extra step and connect with a personal note on a beautiful card.

~ I wish you all the best during these challenging times. Love you!

Sarah Angst


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